Richard's Popcorn-and-a-Movie Oolong

Richard's Popcorn-and-a-Movie Oolong

$ 7.00


Rich, smooth, organic oolong from Taiwan.  Its broad leaves produce a golden yellow cup with a pleasant buttery aroma and a slightly sweet taste.  Slight caffeine.

We named this amazing oolong for its distinctive aroma and fascinating taste - simultaneously rich, smooth and slightly sweet, with intriguing butter-like overtones. It reminds us of buttered popcorn. This tea, from the high mountains of Taiwan, has broad leaves that brew up beautifully to a light golden color. It's absolutely delicious!

One whiff, one sip, and you know you've found something special. Oolongs are semi-fermented teas, forming their own class somewhere on the spectrum between green and black teas.

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