Rabbi Sally's Iron Goddess of Mercy

Rabbi Sally's Iron Goddess of Mercy

$ 5.00

A full leaf, oolong tea from China with a sophisticated, clean taste. Contains caffeine.

This light golden-colored oolong, also called Ti Quan Yin, is the most popular oolong in the world.  It has a lively and complex palate with sweet notes, a must-have for any tea-lover. This tea’s name, which translates literally as “Tea of the Iron Goddess of Mercy,” stems from a wonderful myth about a destitute tea farmer who respectfully cared for the dilapidated temple and statue of this Goddess.

One night, the farmer dreamed that the Goddess came to him and told him to look behind her temple for his reward. There he found a single sprout of tea, which he nurtured and cultivated, and which is the tea we now know as Ti Quan Yin.

Thus we thought it fitting to choose a special namesake for this tea -- Rabbi Sally Priesand, America's first ordained female rabbi and the second ordained female rabbi in the world, and a champion for social justice.

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