Donna's Green Jasmine Pearls

Donna's Green Jasmine Pearls

$ 5.00

Jasmine flower from China rolled into flavorful organic green tea leaves.  Slight caffeine.

Green tea leaves tightly wrapped with jasmine flower, and formed into a "pearl" is one of our most popular teas. Delicate, intoxicating, and beautiful to watch brew. This tea is particularly good with savory or salty foods, and is best when enjoyed warm (rather than piping hot).

The "pearling" technique dates back 900 years. After the best tea is picked in the first flush (April-May), it is steamed and then stored until August, when the jasmine flowers bloom. Because the flowers open at night, the scenting operation actually takes place after dark. We think this might be why it is such a sensual sipping experience.

You can brew the leaves up to 4 times and still have enough flavor left in the leaves to cook up some jasmine rice before finally letting the leaves go. Yes, all good things do come to an end.

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