Avi's Gunpowder Green

Avi's Gunpowder Green

$ 3.00

A healthy, hearty, organic green tea from China, rolled tightly into a pellet which releases a distinctive flavor. Some caffeine.

This tea is a strong brew with a distinctively rich and earthy flavor. Like real gunpowder, this tea has a kick to it in the form of high levels of caffeine for a green tea. Like all green teas, this one is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The practice of rolling green tea leaves into tight little gunpowder pellets originated in the Zhejiang Province of China back when Chinese green teas were becoming popular in faraway places, like Morocco. Realizing that the green tea, which loses its freshness rather quickly, would not last the long journey by caravan or boat, the tea producers had the leaves rolled into tight pellets before shipping so that the tea would stay fresh longer.

Gunpowder tea has a strong flavor that shines through even after other ingredients are added. You will also find it in our Teddy's Moroccan Mint Blend.

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