Michael's Silver White Tip

Michael's Silver White Tip

$ 5.00

Organic, white tea from China sometimes called Silver Needle. Subtle, meditative tea minimally processed with a smooth finish.  Drink anytime.  No caffeine. 

This organic, silver needle tea is a delicate and sophisticated brew with an exceptionally clean, somewhat grassy flavor that is very enjoyable, almost meditative. This precious white tea is often called Yin Zhen and is from the Fujian province of China. Before brewing, its leaves have a silvery appearance with white “fur” on each leaf.  While brewing, the leaves open into long, slender “needles” stretching upward.

Silver needle has no caffeine, no chlorophyll, but a small quantity of polyphenols. In our collection, and in many collections, the silver needle is the highest grade of tea. It is only plucked over a two day period each spring just before the bud opens, and so quantities are often limited. Unlike most teas, it is processed without firing or rolling, but is simply steamed and dried, making it a delicate tea. It is the widely known amongst tea connoisseurs as the most distinguished form of Chinese Tea.

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