Lee's Pu-ehr Ginger

Lee's Pu-ehr Ginger

$ 5.00

Organic Pu-her black tea from China, aged & pressed,  Smokey and complex with a ginger finish.  Contains Caffeine.

The refreshing zing of ginger perfectly complements the pungent and earthy pu-erh in this smoky, complex blend. It makes a relaxing and comforting cup.Ginger, a source of this tea’s health benefits, is known to relieve cold and flu symptoms; ease coughs, indigestion, cramps and nausea; and enhance circulation.

Pu-erh (pronounced “poor” and sometimes referred to as “dark tea”) is named after the ancient market town in China where it was first traded -  ages ago, when this tea was pressed into bricks and transported by horseback along the tea trade roads (and paths) in humid climates. It would ferment by the time it reached market and soon people came to love the taste of the fermented tea.

Like wine - and unlike any other tea – pu-erh improves with age, and some of the pu-erh bricks most precious to connoisseurs may be aged for 30 years or more. 

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