Dean's Hojicha

Dean's Hojicha

$ 5.00

Organic green tea from Japan that has been roasted over charcoal which creates a nutty, sweet, full-bodied tea. Some caffeine.

Hojicha is a roasted green tea with a delectably sweet, toasted flavor one might think of as nutty. It smells sweet and has a dark liquor that makes it look like a black tea. It is a full-bodied tea that can be brewed at higher temperatures than most green teas.

The origins of Hojicha date back to the 1920's when a tea merchant in Kyoto, Japan found himself with a huge inventory of green tea he would not be able to sell before it became stale.

Frustrated, he decided to try something a little different, and roasted the leaves, giving rise to a new category of tea - hojicha.

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