Cooking with Tea

Cooking with Ducky Life Tea

... and other fun uses for your leaves
If you're only adding hot water to your tea leaves, you're missing out! Here are some ways to get creative in using and re-using your leaves to get the full enjoyment from them:
  • Season chicken with Jane's Ducky Life Blend. Grind the leaves and rub them on the chicken before roasting or baking.
  • Give a tossed salad a nutty, fruity edge by throwing some Kathi's White Tip with Peach into it.
  • Make jasmine rice by adding Donna's Jasmine Pearls along with your rice to boiling water.
  • Add Julia's Ginger Matte to a fruit smoothie for an extra kick.
  • Cook vegetables in Richard's Popcorn-and-a-Movie Oolong instead of plain water to produce terrific tasting vegetables and a delicious broth.
  • Poach salmon in a brewed batch of Stuart's Kinky Keemun for a slightly smoky flavoring -- saute garlic in olive oil first for a little extra zip.
  • Happy Hour: Combine Renata's Black Tea with Raspberry and Raspberry vodka, Lisa's Black Tea with Vanilla and Vanilla vodka (you get the idea!) for a refreshing change to the average martini or mixed drink.
  • Holiday Tip: Keep a large pot of brewed Jane's Ducky Life Blend on a low simmer with the lid off to infuse your home with a holiday scent.