Brewing The Perfect Cup

Always Use Filtered Water
The more pure the water, the better the tea.

Amount To Use
A good rule of thumb when brewing tea is to use a teaspoon per 8 oz. cup. Use a little more if the tea is particularly light and fluffy, a little less if it is particularly dense (as is the case with gunpowder teas or jasmine pearls)

Hint: High quality, loose leaf tea will bear multiple infusions of the same leaves. In fact, tea masters often toss out the first brew and prefer the second, third and even fourth brew! Which you prefer will be a matter of taste. Try and discover for yourself what strength and subtlety you enjoy the most.

Water Temperature
Not all teas can be brewed at the same temperature. While most black teas and most herbal blends can stand up to boiling water, some of the more delicate and sophisicated teas require less heat to infuse properly.

Brewing times
Every tin and bag of Ducky Life Tea will have a small label with brewing instructions tailored to that particular type. Here's a fast reference:

Black: 1-5 minutes
Green: 1-3 minutes
White: 1-3 minutes
Tisane/Herbals: 1-3 minutes
Pearls: 1-3 minutes
Rooibos/Honeybush: 5 minutes