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What Ducky Life can do for you!

We met Betty at the Spring Chester Crafts Show a few weekends ago and she really made an impact on us! This octogenarian had such a fantastic energy and great outlook on life. She was a reminder of what a ducky life is about. Her energy lifted us up and we were quickly giggling and listening to her compelling life story. It is fun to see how revitalizing and satisfying our tea is for so many people. Introducing people to great organic tea is our greatest reward and you can see why!

Check out the before and after shots of Betty drinking our tea and see what Ducky Life can do for you!

                     Here's Betty a little skeptical that
                     tea can somehow change her life.

                      Ahh! Julia's Ginger Matte really
                  brightened her day as she did ours!! 

             Drink Tea for a Ducky Life!