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Elijah's Lavender Chamomile
Our Price: $6.50 -$32.00

This soothing blend of organic lavender and chamomile has health benefits which include alleviating stress and headache pain and settling an upset stomach.  No caffeine.
Mona's South African Honeybush
Our Price: $6.50 - $32.00

This fragrant, health-promoting herbal tea known for its calming effects can help with weight loss, cholesterol levels, menopausal, symptoms, and more. No caffeine.
Rosie's Rose Melange
Our Price: $6.50 - $16.50

Intensely fragrant mix of peppermint, rose and lavender with calming white tea.  Cleanses the palate.  Refreshes the soul.  No Caffeine.
Susan's Mint Medley
Our Price: $6.50 - $32.00

Smooth, yet complex organic tisane.  Eases digestion and balances mood.  10% of proceeds goes to Alzheimer's Association. Some caffeine.
Tony's Rooibos Lime Blend
Our Price: $6.50 - $32.00

Organic, green rooibos tisane with ginger, lime, lemon grass and lemon myrtle.  Smooth and refreshing.  No caffeine.a
Wendy's Citrus Chamomile
Our Price: $6.50 - $32.00

Lovely light and fruity tisane with orange, lemon and rosehips. Refreshing tart, yet sweet taste. No Caffeine.
Penelope's Pumpkin Rooibos Pleasure
Our Price: $6.50 - $16.50

Pumpkin is the ultimate fall pleasure -- and this full-bodied blend doesn't disappoint. Organic rooibos combined with a wintry mix of spices -- cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, a hint of licorice -- it's like a pumpkin pie in a cup. Will stand up to milk and sweetener for a frothy latte. Or stripped bare, from pot to cup. Contains no caffeine.