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Doreen's Classic Green Chai
Our Price: $6.50 -$32.00

Indulgent chai made healthy with green tea!
Avi's Gunpowder Green
Our Price: $6.50 -$16.50

A healthy, hearty, organic green tea from China, rolled tightly into a pellet which releases a distinctive flavor. Some caffeine.
Dean's Hojicha
Our Price: $6.50 -$16.50

Organic green tea from Japan that has been roasted over charcoal which creates a nutty, sweet, full-bodied tea. Some Caffeine.
Donna's Green Jasmine Pearls
Our Price: $6.50 -$16.50

This organic Jasmine flower from China is rolled into flavorful green tea leaves.  Watch the pearls open. Try it iced or after salty foods. Slight caffeine.
Elijah's Lavender Chamomile
Our Price: $6.50 -$32.00

This soothing blend of organic lavender and chamomile has health benefits which include alleviating stress and headache pain and settling an upset stomach.  No caffeine.
Ellen's Cranberry Orange
Our Price: $6.50 -$32.00

Organic tisane with cranberries, rosehips, hibiscus & a sweet hint of orange.  Fruity taste goes well with spicy foods. No caffeine.
Holden's Genmaicha
Our Price: $6.50 -$16.50

Japanese organic green bancha mixed with hulled rice and popped corn to create a golden color and nutty flavor.  Great “crossover” tea. Very slight caffeine.
Joy's Orange Blossom
Our Price: $6.50 - $16.50

Organic green tea with lemon myrtle, osthmanthus flowers, rose, orange, tangerine & lime.  10% to the Janice A. Reynolds Guardian Angel Foundation. Slight caffeine
Julia's Ginger Matte
Our Price: $6.50 - $32.00

Smooth, yet strong organic tisane from the Amazon.  Ginger is great for digestion and also for sinuses. No caffeine, but has matteine.
Kathi's White Tip with Peach
Our Price: $6.50 - $32.00

Organic white tip tea from China.  Elegant, sweet, complex and subtle. Enjoy it chilled or hot. Lots of health benefits.  No caffeine.