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The perfect idea for any Ducky Life Lover!  (Select gift amount at Check-out) Four tins of tea in a decorative burlap bag. A perfect and affordable sampler gift. Our choice: 4 "Give Back Teas" (10% to charities)
1st Impressions Gift Set
Our Price: $28.00
4 tin sampler - your choice of any Ducky Life Tea Glass Infuser Mug with 2 tins of tea
It's Your Turn
Our Price: $32.00
The Duckling
Our Price: $10.00
A 3 oz. bag of Ducky Life Tea (you choose which one) and either a 4-cup DeChine glass teapot with removable glass infuser or an Iced Tea- Maker. Its time to relax! A tin of tea, 12 tea pouches, and a fun ducky clip to clip pouches to the cup while tea's brewing.
Duck, Duck, and Away!
Our Price: $28.00
In the Clouds
Our Price: $10.00
Take your tea with you. This package includes a travel french press and a tin of tea (your choice) A tin of tea and 10 tea pouches in a mesh bag. A perfect gift or favor for anyone.
Flying Solo Gift Pack
Our Price: $28.00
Top Duck
Our Price: $24.00
This gift includes a gravity press, one tea mug, and one tin of organic, specialty, loose leaf tea in a Ducky Life bag. Tea brewing instructions and a whimsical ducky clip too. A convenient and easy to use gold mesh "top hat" infuser plus two tins of your choice of organic, loose leaf tea.  Our teas are delicious hot or iced, making Ducky Life tea gifts great for giving all year round.
"I Care" Gift Package
Our Price: $35.00
Merlin's Brew
Our Price: $40.00
Brighten a college student's day with this great gift package, and make sure he or she always has a healthy beverage handy! Package: a travel tea press, 20 fill-'em-yourself teabags, and 2 tins of tea that you think the person receiving it will enjoy. You don’t have to pack it up and schlep it to the post office. We'll send it for you, if you’d like. Two tins of tea and a beautiful glass teapot with infuser make this a perfect gift. Made with borosilicate glass which can be heated directly on a stove.
Birds of a Feather
Our Price: $40.00
Tea Essentials
Our Price: $60.00
Tea for two! Two glasses, two tins of tea (your choice), and a gravity press, plus brewing instructions and two ducky clips.  Everything you need for the perfect cup. This is the complete set. A teapot with infuser which also doubles as a kettle, a bag of your favorite tea and a tin of tea.
Affectionately Fours
Our Price: $10.00
Four hand-filled tea pouches of beautiful, whole leaf, organic tea packaged in a handy wood pocket-box. [Bags can be steeped two or three times to brew up to 12 love-ly cups.] Choose from: A. 4 Mona's South African Honeybush B. 4 Julia's Ginger Matte C. 4 Rachel's China Breakfast D. 4 Kathi's White Tip with Peach E. Combo: one each of these four teas. The Ducks In a Row Sampler Set lets you fall in love again and again! 6 teas for you to enjoy. Packaged in a beautiful rosewood box - tea stays fresh, and you can re-use the tins. You Choose your favorite teas to go along with each sampler.