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Hello Ducky, we meet again

The tea experience is so much more than bringing together leaf and water. It is a meditation, given to us by nature. We are teased, taunted, titillated by the endless combinations offered us by these extraordinary tea drinking experiences. The very act of mindful brewing, relaxed sipping, congenial sharing -- transports us to a time that lives somewhere outside of our busyness, our exhaustion, our overwhelm, our boredom.

We become downright ducky...

Ducky Life Tea sells loose, whole leaf, organic teas, tisanes, herbal infusions, accessories, and whimsically packaged gifts. We source and blend the best teas and herbs we can find -- which usually means full-flavored, organic, fresh, and fair trade.
Each Ducky Life Tea has its own personality, its own story. Bring them into your day -- and they become like family.

Raise a cup, and drink to your ducky life...

Before you know it, you'll find you can swim smoothly across the surface, comfortable
on land, water, and air. Stick with your tribe, and care for your community. L
et a little whimsy into your every day. And most of alll
et things roll off your back. Until it all feels very Ducky, indeed.